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The financial industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation – driven by technology and new consumer behavior. This provides young, agile companies with tremendous opportunities to grab their part of the pie – as challengers to existing businesses or as enablers to the incumbents.

Having founded several FinTech companies ourselves, our goal is to build and invest in great companies which are a part of this revolution.

Selected Companies

Founded by us in 1999 and venture-backed by Earlybird and 3i, Interhyp has become Germany's largest independent mortgage distributor, offering consumers access to the mortgage products of over 400 lenders as well as high-quality advice over the phone or in person in one of over 80 offices all over Germany. We took the company public in September of 2005 and fully exited the investment in 2008 when Interhyp accepted a public takeover offer from ING Group. Interhyp today employs over 1.000 people and originates over 100.000 new mortgages per year.

We co-founded and provided seed funding to Finanzchef24 in 2011 and remain one of the largest shareholders in the company. The goal of Finanzchef24 is to become Germany's leading insurance platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by using technology to offer small businesses and entrepreneurs a convenient one-stop destination for all their insurance needs.

We started Finanztip in 2013 to provide consumers with a truly independent and free source of financial advice and information. With detailed guides and recommendations on hundreds of financial products and led by Germany’s leading consumer finance journalist Hermann-Josef Tenhagen, Finanztip has quickly grown to become one of the leading consumer finance websites in Germany, serving over 2 million unique visitors per month. As a so-called “gemeinnützige GmbH”, all of Finanztip’s profits will be donated to charitable causes whose aim is to improve financial literacy in Germany.

Payworks provides the largest acquirers and payment providers worldwide with white-labeled Point of Sale payment solutions. Payworks’ payment gateway technology enables developers to quickly and cost-efficiently integrate card readers into their applications and securely process EMV and contactless transactions, as well as mobile wallet payments at the Point of Sale. Payworks’ technology is the basis for many major mobile POS initiatives worldwide, providing business from every size and industry with secure and stable payment acceptance solution. We invested in Payworks in June 2016.

GetSafe is an app-based insurance platform which lets consumers manage all of their insurance policies in one place. The company’s digital insurance folder replaces the traditional paperwork and lets customers access all of their insurance policies wherever and whenever they want. We invested into GetSafe in 2015.

Savedo is the one-stop-shop for retail investment products in Europe. It allows retail investors to benefit from higher deposit rates in other EU countries with one single account. Through Savedo, banks can access other EU markets without having to invest into their own distribution infrastructure, creating a win-win situation for all parties. We invested into Savedo in November 2015.

Bonify helps its users to gain transparency on their credit score and to leverage their credit score and further financial data to improve their financial life. In order to do so, bonify provides a powerful data analytics engine to its users that enables them to benefit from their financial data and to optimize the financial products they use.

Originally founded by us in 1996 as Haselsteiner & Wolsdorf GmbH, Novethos is an independent asset management and advisory firm registered with the BaFin. The company was rebranded after its sale in 2007 to a group of investors led by a former board member of Private Bank Merck Finck. Novethos currently has 20 employees and over 300 million EUR in assets under management.


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